Wednesday, December 2, 2009


After sifting through our Tallinn photos, I decided we'd better get finishing the rest of the trip (still Stockholm, Oslo and London to go!).

Stockholm is an amazing city sprawling over about 14 islands and rich in architecture and history.  I only had my camera for about half the day on our first day in port, and the full day on our second day, so my pictures are a bit limited.  Jeff's camera has the shots from the football (soccer) game and our tour of the Globen arena.  I'll get to posting those eventually. (Also, apparently my photo uploader crashed partway through the upload, and I haven't had a chance to get back to it...)

Stockholm is reached by cruise ship through the Stockholm Archipelago, which extends about 60km east from Stockholm.  We sailed through the most fantastic landscapes of water, rock, tree and sky, a few rain showers, and amazing homes perched on shores and cliffs.

I have posted my photos from Stockholm to Flickr - go check them out!  More to come soon!

Here's a few shots from our two days in Sweden:

riding away

spires and cruise ships

traditional swedish art in the nordiska museum

duck, duck, goose!

sky over trees over sea

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