Sunday, April 25, 2010


So our friend Greg in Toronto likes to DO THINGS.  Like beach volleyball, or sailing, or hockey, or ride his motorcycle.  Also, taking random pictures.  He also has that picture itch...

(You know, that one thing that you see all the time and every time you see it you think to yourself, "One day I will have my camera and tripod and just the right light and I will shoot this elusive object.  One day."  And yet you still see said object on a semi-regular basis and never have your camera.  And when you are planning to spend an afternoon shooting, you still don't think to yourself, "I should go shoot that thing already," you head for a waterfall, or a factory, or your livingroom instead.  I have lots of these, and yet I never shoot them.)

Anyways, Greg's picture itch is for a sticker-ed and graffiti-ed condom machine and matching hand dryer in a basement of a bar in Toronto.  He wants to blow these up and hang them as art in a funky modern bathroom.  I love the idea!  Unfortunately, it is the men's room, so only Jeff and Greg can participate, while I hang out outside looking lost and perhaps a little strange.  (Who hangs out outside the men's room in a bar in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday?)

Long story short, the shots of the condom machine and hand dryer in question came out pretty neat.  Here's the processing that Jeff and I like the most:

condom machine - take 2

hand dryer - take 2

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